Portola Valley – M

Portola Valley, CA

Portola Valley – W

Woods Residence, Portola Valley, CA

Portola Valley – L

Portola Valley, CA

San Mateo – N

San Mateo, CA

San Francisco – C

San Francisco, CA

G + S completely remodeled this San Francisco home in the Richmond district by creating open floor plans to maximize views and functionality. The exterior was designed with a unique minimalistic set of materials, including IPE wood lathing and aluminum windows, to create a modern warm feel. A new master suite on the second floor and a multifunctional entertainment floor turned this property into a spectacular city home.


San Francisco – B

Balboa, CA

Berkeley – N

Berkeley, CA

San Francisco – SCN

Sunset Children’s Co-op

G and S was challenged to design a beautiful school right across from San Francisco’s Ocean Beach. The philosophy behind this project was contextual – to integrate, design and build the site to suit the scale and style of the Outer Sunset District and to maximize functionality both inside and outside to meet the community’s needs.

The school is a beautiful edition to the neighborhood with its clean and inviting design making maximum use of the northern afternoon lighting. The color scheme was drawn for the beach grasses that grow on the bluffs above the beach. The whale mosaic makes a connection to the vast Pacific across the street and creates a conversation for the community to explore our ecosystem. The inside is a passive open design with ambient lighting and a thermal mass radiant slab allowing for fun barefoot activities.AIA Pro Bono Award 2009
 Featured in the San Francisco Chronicle

Carmel – MC

Carmel, CA

The extensive remodel of this home and site is a perfect example of the G and S holistic approach to design. The surrounding coastal environment was taken into consideration to integrate the site with the building, including interior design and decoration. Extensive use of wood and rock makes this home stand out without feeling out of place.


Santa Cruz – H

Santa Cruz, CA

The objective for this new construction was to maximize the building space on a very tight property. This California craftsman summer beach home has a airy feel with comfortable gathering areas and a modern kitchen.

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